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Harry's Auto Care UK is proud to announce our new range of detailing services. All of these services will be bespoke to each client to ensure everyone's requirements are met.

so what is detailing?

 well, like my slogan says- its all in the detail! using various methods to take your vehicle finish to the next level inside and out, we go that extra mile to make your vehicle stand out from the rest. 


1. all exterior surfaces assessed.

2. pre rinsed with thick snow foam pre wash

3. safe THREE bucket wash with grit guard system 

4.wheels and arches deep cleaned 

5. all exterior tar removed 

6.exterior sprayed with iron fallout remover 

7. secondary pre wash to remove chemical residue 

8. all panels clay bared 

9. vehicle rinsed and dried with plush microfibre towel

10. vehicle decontamination complete

Add wax off your choice from 35

from £65


1. Vehicle assessed and photos taken on arrival 

2. Vehicle pre washed with thick snow foam 

3.vehicle rinsed off to removal as much surface dirt as possible

4. three bucket safe wash method using high quality shampoo

5. tar and iron fallout removed from paintwork surface

6.exterior covered in citrus apc to remove chemical residue

7.  all panels clay bared to finish the decontAMINATION PROCESS


9. all panels are then tested with a paint depth gauge 

10. single stage machine polish is then undertaken to remove light defects and increase paint gloss level.

11. exterior trims and tyres dressed 

12. wax sealant applied to finish!

From £180


this covers all areas from enhancement plus

1. one extra machine polishing step to removal medium-heavy swirls and scratches and enhance gloss further.

2.premium wax coating added for protection 

3. two coats of wheel sealant added.

from £250

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